IBSUniversity Welcomes Renowned Cricketer Norman Vanua as its Brand Ambassador


IBSUniversity Welcomes Renowned Cricketer Norman Vanua as its Brand Ambassador

IBS University has recently appointed Mr. Norman Vanua as its newest brand ambassador. Mr. Vanua is a distinguished figure in the world of cricket. The official introduction ceremony was held yesterday – May 9, 2024 – at the Peter Drucker Library.

The event served as a platform to warmly welcome Mr. Vanua, a notable Papua New Guinea National Cricket Team member and a revered all-rounder in the sport. With this appointment, IBSUniversity aims to fashion a meaningful partnership with Mr. Vanua, leveraging his influence and achievements to inspire the university community and beyond.

The event was ennobled by IBSUniversity’s very own notable personalities, including Professor Ramachandran Arunachalam, the Vice Chancellor of IBS University, Dr. Emmanuel Aquino, the Dean of Students, Mr. Sagara Wijeratne, Head of College of TVET, and Mr. Rio Fiocco, President of the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Their presence emphasized the importance of collaboration between academia and sports, highlighting the university’s dedication to promoting all-around development in its students.

Mr. Vanua’s remarkable journey as a cricketer embodies the spirit of perseverance, determination, and excellence – values that resonate deeply with IBSUniversity’s ethos. As a brand ambassador, he will be pivotal in promoting the university’s academic initiatives, sporting endeavors, and community engagement.

“We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Norman Vanua to the IBSUniversity family,” remarked Professor Ramachandran Arunachalam. “His remarkable achievements on and off the field exemplify the qualities we strive to instill in our students – dedication, leadership, and a commitment to excellence. We look forward to a fruitful partnership that will inspire our university community and leave a lasting impact.”

Mr. Vanua expressed his gratitude for the opportunity, stating, “It is an honor to be appointed as the brand ambassador for IBSUniversity. I am excited to work closely with the university to promote education, sports, and community development initiatives. Together, we can make a positive difference and empower the next generation of leaders.”

The appointment of Norman Vanua as the brand ambassador marks an exciting chapter in IBSUniversity’s journey, as it continues to cultivate excellence, innovation, and inclusivity in education and beyond.


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