Governing Council

Governing Council

Let’s extract and enhance the information about the IBSUniversity Council members:

Amb. Gabriel Pepson, OL

Amb. Gabriel Pepson, an Economist by profession and a former diplomat, currently serves as the IBSUniversity Chancellor. He has been a council member for five years, starting from 15th March 2019.

Dr. Ponnusamy Manohar

Dr. Ponnusamy Manohar has 29 years of experience in education, training, research, consultancy, and flexible teaching and learning activities. His expertise spans various institutions, including the National Education Commission, tertiary institutions, and universities.

Ms. Auvita Rapilla

Ms. Auvita Rapilla holds a Degree in Public Administration from the University of Papua New Guinea. She also earned a Masters in Sport Organization Management from the University Claude Bernard of Lyon, France. As an accredited Master Educator for the Oceania Sport Education Program, she contributes to sports education.

Dr. Ramachandran Arunachalam (Dr. Ram)

Dr. Ramachandran Arunachalam, better known as Dr. Ram, currently serves as the Vice Chancellor at IBS. His research interests cover areas such as accounting, finance, banking, marketing, and cost audits

Dr. Emmanuel Aquino

Dr. Emmanuel Aquino holds the positions of Dean of Students and Head of School, Economics and Development Studies. His expertise lies in marketing, business management, and micro financing.

Dr. Rio Fiocco

Dr. Rio Fiocco demonstrates a strong commitment to developing PNG’s human resources. Additionally, he actively promotes Port Moresby as a safe and livable city.

Mr. Giau Duruba

With 41 years of experience in the private sector in PNG, Mr. Giau Duruba brings valuable insights. During 22 years at the executive management level, he oversaw human resource functions in two large organizations.