Study at IBSU

Study at IBSU

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IBSU Programmes

Delve into our comprehensive degree Programmes designed by IBSUniversity, which combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience to prepare you for successful careers in various industries.

SCU Programmes

Learn about our collaborative degree Programmes with Southern Cross University, providing you with the opportunity to earn internationally recognized qualifications while studying locally.
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Why Study at IBSU?

Accelerated Degrees

At IBSUniversity, our academic calendar includes three semesters per year, allowing students to complete their degrees up to a year ahead of their peers at other institutions.
This accelerated pace provides a crucial head start in entering the workforce.

Personal Attention

Our dedicated academics know you by name. At IBSUniversity, students come first.
You’ll find many opportunities to expand your education and career, tailored to your needs.

Global Network

As an IBSU student, you’ll be part of a diverse cohort from overseas.
After graduation, you’ll join an international alumni network that encapsulates valuable connections and opportunities.

Career Ready

From day one, IBSU graduates stand out in the job market.
You’ll have access to industry connections and countless employment opportunities, ensuring you’re career-ready.

Admission Process​

Online Application/Walk-in
Application Screening

Apply Now

Take the first step towards your future by applying to IBSUniversity. Our streamlined application process is designed to make it easy for you to join our vibrant academic community.