Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

At IBSUniversity, a diverse array of clubs and organizations enhances the student experience by promoting personal growth, professional development, and community involvement. From academic societies to cultural groups, sports teams, and volunteer organizations, there’s something for every student. Engage with peers who share your interests, develop leadership skills, and make a positive impact both on and off campus. Whether your passion lies in entrepreneurship, tech innovation, accounting, IT, or business management, our active club scene offers abundant opportunities to explore interests, build lasting friendships, and elevate your university journey. Join a club now and become part of our vibrant campus community!

School of Accounting and Finance (SAFSA)

School of Accounting and Finance (SAFSA)

Become a part of the Students Association of the School of Accounting and Finance (SAFSA) to connect with fellow students, enhance your skills, and engage in enriching events and workshops. SAFSA serves as a bridge between classroom learning and real-world experiences, offering various workshops, seminars, and community visits. Our initiative aims to develop well-rounded professionals who are prepared for careers in accounting and finance. SAFSA is committed to promoting academic excellence, professional growth, and a vibrant community for all students. Get involved and maximize your academic journey.

Research Forum

SOAF-Research Forum

The SOAF-Research Forum is a center for intellectual engagement where students and faculty collaborate to expand the frontiers of accounting and finance knowledge. We focus on impactful research that addresses real-world financial challenges and contributes to academic excellence, with an emphasis on contemporary issues affecting global financial markets and accounting practices. Our activities include hosting seminars, publishing pioneering research, and facilitating cross-industry and interdisciplinary collaborations. Whether you’re an experienced expert or an emerging researcher, we invite you to join us in our quest for excellence and innovation in accounting and finance research.


Student Club-BESA

The Business and Entrepreneur Student Association (BESA), established in 2020 at IBS University’s School of Business and Management, is a dynamic student group dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurial and business skills. BESA encourages students to engage in seminars, networking events, guest lectures, and business competitions to gain proficiency. Our aim is to promote leadership, creativity, and practical application of business concepts, preparing members for successful careers in the global business environment.


School of Economics and Development Studies Students’ Association (SEDSSA)

The School of Economics and Development Studies Students’ Association (SEDSSA) is a dynamic, student-run organization at IBSUniversity. It offers academic support through forums, study groups, and peer mentoring. The association promotes networking through social events and industry visits, connecting students with professionals. Committed to advocacy, SEDSSA represents student interests and raises awareness of economic and development issues. It also encourages community engagement through volunteer opportunities, enabling students to positively impact society.


SOIT Robotics and AI Training Hub

The Robotics and AI Training Hub at SOIT is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to advancing education and research in robotics and artificial intelligence. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Hub offers hands-on training, collaborative research opportunities, and access to industry-leading tools and software. Our interdisciplinary approach integrates information technology, computer science, and data science to foster innovation and develop practical solutions for real-world challenges. Students and researchers can engage in projects ranging from autonomous systems to machine learning, ensuring they gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving fields of robotics and AI.


SOIT Coder’s Club

The Coder’s Club at our university is a dynamic community for students enthusiastic about programming and software development. Welcoming students of all proficiency levels, the club offers a conducive atmosphere for learning, teamwork, and creativity. Members engage in coding workshops, hackathons, and joint projects, honing their technical abilities and gaining practical skills. Additionally, the club arranges TED-talks by industry experts, networking sessions, and coding contests to deepen understanding of cutting-edge technologies and industry trends. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned coder, the Coder’s Club provides an ideal platform to expand knowledge, connect with peers who share your interests, and nurture the development of aspiring entrepreneurs in the IT sector.

Other Clubs & Organizations
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  • IBSU Football Club
  • IBSU Student Volleyball Club
  • IBSU Chess Club