Successful Book Drive Brings Joy and Knowledge to Laloki Secondary School

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Successful Book Drive Brings Joy and Knowledge to Laloki Secondary School

The Central Students Association recently organized a successful book drive, delivering both new and used books to Laloki Secondary School. This initiative, aimed at nurturing a love for reading, saw an outpouring of support from our community.

Our decision to donate books to young secondary students stems from our belief in the profound impact of education. Books are more than just pages bound together; they are gateways to knowledge, imagination, and opportunity.

These resources allow us to:

  • Promote Literacy – Developing strong reading skills at a young age sets the foundation for academic success and lifelong learning.
  • Encourage Curiosity – Books spark curiosity and inspire students to explore new ideas, cultures, and perspectives.
  • Support Academic Growth – Access to a diverse range of books helps students excel in their studies by providing additional learning materials and references.
  • Nurturing a Love for Reading – Developing a passion for reading can enhance creativity, critical thinking, and empathy.

A special thank you to our Central Governor, Hon. Rufina Peter, for her steadfast support, and to our sister universities for their invaluable help.

I extend my deepest gratitude to my hardworking team at the Central Students Association for their tireless efforts. As President, I am proud of what we are delivering. Whether big or small, we know that we did it with all our hearts.

One Love, Doing it the Central Way!

Iamo Dennis


Central Students Association

IBS University

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