School of Accounting and Finance

Name : Dr. Rengalwar Srinivasan

Qualifications : B.Com., M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., CPA PNG.

Designation : Head – School of Accounting and Finance.

Dr. Vasan serves as the Senior Lecturer and Head of the School of Accounting and Finance at IBS University. With over 27 years of teaching and 15 years of research experience in accounting and finance, he is also a member of CPA PNG and assists with CPA review classes in Port Moresby. Formerly, he was an Associate Professor at Adigrat University, Ethiopia. Dr. Vasan has held significant administrative roles, including a 9-year tenure as Head of the Department of Finance and Computer Applications. He has mentored 7 Ph.D. candidates, currently supervises a research scholar at Bharathiar University, and has guided 14 M.Phil. graduates. His work is published extensively in national and international refereed journals.

Contact him at +675 70698105 or

Name : Dr. Thirumal Raman

Qualifications : B.Com., M.Com., M.Phil., MBA., PGDCA., SLET., PhD.

Designation : Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance

Dr. Thirumal Raman, Ph.D., boasts over thirty years of teaching experience in accounting, finance, taxation, and management studies, coupled with industry expertise. Since 2016, he has contributed to higher education at IBSUniversity in Papua New Guinea. With a rich background at various departmental and institutional levels, he’s authored books, published articles, supervised research, and serves as a foreign external adjudicator for Ph.D. programs. Dr. Raman actively participates in research projects, including ‘Future of Tertiary Education in PNG’ and ‘Blended Learning Strategies.’ Additionally, he’s a certified Senior Trainer, involved in leadership programs and CPA PNG initiatives.

Name: Milfred Lopez

Educational Qualifications: CPA, MBA

Designation: Senior Lecturer

Experienced Accounting Lecturer with over 17 years in higher education finance. Specializes in financial reporting, risk management, and internal controls. Combines extensive background in an audit firm and a strong focus on quality assurance to ensure accuracy and compliance in academic operations. Actively participates in student and university community engagement, providing in-house accounting and finance training. Recognized for a keen eye for detail and a commitment to educational excellence, fostering a thorough understanding of financial principles among students and colleagues. Dedicated to enhancing the financial literacy and operational efficiency within academic institutions.

Name: Manikandan Sathyamoorthy

Qualifications:,, PGDCA, (PhD)

Designation: Senior Lecturer in School of Accounting and Finance

 Mr. Manikandan Sathyamoorthy, with 20 years of teaching experience in Accounting and Finance, currently a senior lecturer at the School of Accounting and Finance, also holds over two years of administrative experience in construction. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in commerce, complementing his master’s degree. A lifetime member of the International Association of Commerce and Management and the International Association of Business Researcher, Economist & Statistician, he has published numerous articles in prestigious journals globally. Co-author of “Investment Management,” he has taught in Maldives, Ethiopia, and the Sultanate of Oman. Reach him at +675 77324793 or