Career Development Center

Career Development Center


At the Career Development Hub (CDH), our mission is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their careers. Focused on key industries such as Accounting, Information Technology, Marketing, and Human Resources, our center provides valuable insights into industry trends, applications, and processes.

One of the primary challenges students face when transitioning to the workforce is translating academic theory into practical skills. To address this, we offer simulation programs aligned with each student’s area of study. These programs allow students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios, enhancing their readiness for employment. Employers highly value graduates who have completed these simulations, as they demonstrate practical competence.

Established in 2008, the CDH has evolved to meet the growing demand for career-focused training and upskilling in Papua New Guinea. Our state-of-the-art CDH Labs provide students with hands-on experience in a simulated office environment, allowing them to refine their skills and talents. Additionally, we offer internship programs and employment assistance to support students as they embark on their careers.

Training & Development Programs

  • (CDC) Accounting Certification Course
  • (CDC) Information Technology Certification Course
  • (CDC) Human Resources Certification Course

Professional Programs

We also offer a range of professional programs, including courses in Computer Networks, Programming, Web Design and Development, PC-Support, Database Administration, and Server Administration.

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Temporary Work

If you are available for temporary work and wish to be considered for opportunities, please contact us!


Title IX Coordinator and Director SHARE Office

Executive Assistant 1

Clinical Research Manager


Insights & Analytics Specialist

Title IX Coordinator and Director SHARE Office

Title IX Coordinator and Director SHARE Office

Accounting Simulation

Offers participants a captivating virtual office experience, guiding them through every stage of the Accounting Life Cycle.

CompTIA A+

Unlock boundless opportunities in the field of IT with CompTIA A+ 2019, the gold standard for launching a successful career in the industry.

IT Simulation

Venture on an enriching journey through the realm of Information Technology with our simulation program.

IT Essential (PC Support)

Explore the foundational aspects of computer hardware and software, mobile devices, security, and networking

HR Simulation

Experience a transformative journey into the realm of human resources with our Human Resource Simulation program.

CCNA Cybersecurity Operations

Venture on an enriching journey through the realm of Information Technology with our simulation program.

MCSA – Microsoft Certified Solution Associate

Elevate your IT career with our MCSA certification course, conveniently available online.

Online Courses

Advanced Diploma in Business Management

Deeper insight into the world of advanced business strategy, research methodologies, information systems, industrial relations, and consumer behavior.

Advanced Diploma in Information Technology

This program enhances IT expertise in security management, object-oriented programming, graphics and multimedia, and IT infrastructure management.

Diploma in Information technology

This course empowers students with comprehensive skills in web systems, networking, IT support, database development, programming, and web development.

Advanced Diploma in Economics

Learn fundamental aspects of the human workforce, encompassing topics such as personality development and principles of management.

Diploma in Economics

A career-focused degree program designed to equip students with the skills needed to lead and contribute value to organizations in the global marketplace.

Diploma in Business

Career-driven degree curriculum, designed to equip students with the skills to lead and contribute value to organizations within the global marketplace.

Advanced Diploma in Accounting

Advanced accounting practices with explore taxation and auditing, as well as cost and management accounting.

Diploma in Accounting

Learn the essentials of accounting, encompassing standard financial statements, and operational analysis.