Bachelor of Business With Major in Management

Bachelor of Business With Major in Management

Build your future career

Business professionals of tomorrow need more than an understanding of core business disciplines – they need adaptability, curiosity, and agility to respond to a changing future.

The Bachelor of Business will give you practical skills for business decision-making in the modern business context and the capability to recognise and act on opportunities for a future different from today. As a student, you will learn foundational business principles in law, accounting, economics, management and statistics, and more, and also choose to pursue specialist knowledge from a diverse range of majors. As graduates of the Bachelor of Business, you will gain the professional, critical thinking, and communication skills to prepare you as practitioners for a broad range of sectors, including marketing, product management, investment, finance, and more.

Course Information

Southern Cross University
Bachelor of Business Degree Admission Requirements

TCompletion of Year 12 (best of 5, pass in English and Mathematics) and PNG GPA of 2.5, OR completion of senior secondary Year 10 plus any additional studies (such as completed Diploma).

Scores for each Grades are:
| A=5 | B=4 | C=3 | D=2 | E=1 |

Score for Language and Literature is multiplied by 1.5
Score for Advanced Mathematics (Mathematics A), is multiplied by 2
Results for Personal Development subject cannot be included in the calculation.

Benefits of studying the Southern Cross University Degree at IBSUniversity:

Obtain an Australian Bachelor Degree without leaving home and become eligible to join CPA Australia and CPA PNG.
Responsive course materials which are updated annually to meet the Industry needs. Excellent study and research facilities with qualified lecturers. Career Centre to help you with job training and job placement.

Registration & duration:

Registration for new students is open at the beginning of the year for February for Term 1 and Term 2 intake, and May for Term 3 and Term 4 intake. We also offer Term 5 and Term 6 for continuing students only, commencing in October and ending in the first week of February the following year. Full-time students can enrol for 2 units per term to complete the course within three years. Each term is 7 weeks in duration including examination weeks, with 4 class sessions per unit, per week.

Course fee:

  • Year 1 – 8 units at K3,000 per unit plus K200 Registration Fee – Total K24,200.00
  • Year 2 – 8 units at K3,000 per unit plus K200 Registration Fee – Total K24,200.00
  • Year 3 – 8 units at K3,000 per unit plus K200 Registration Fee – Total K24,200.00
  • Course and registration fees must be paid on or before the commencement date.
Year 1
Term 1 Term 2
(BUSN1004) Starting a Business (COMM1005) A Culture of Dialogue
(EDUC1001) Language and Learning in your Discipline (elective) (ECON1001) Economics for Decision Making
Term 3 Term 4
(LEGL1007) Introduction to the Business Law of
Papua New Guinea
(BUSN1007) Interconnected World
(MATH1003) Quantitative Methods with Economics (elective) (ACCT2007) Finance for Business (Major)
Year 2
Term 1 Term 2
(BUSN1006) Solving Wicked Problems (STAT1001) Statistical Analysis
(MRKT1001) Marketing Principles (MRKT2004) Marketing Communications
Term 3 Term 4
(MRKT2003) Global Marketing (elective) (BUSN2009) The Founder’s Journey (elective)
(MRKT2005) Services Marketing (Major) (BUSN2003) Intrapreneurship (elective)
Year 3
Term 1 Term 2
(MRKT2001) Consumer Behavior (elective) (HRMT2002) Organisational Stakeholder
Management (Major)
(BUSN3001) Competitive Strategy (Major) (BUSN3004) International Business (Elective)
Term 3 Term 4
(BUSN3003) Entrepreneurship & Innovation (elective) (LAWS2053) The Company Law of PNG (Major)
(BUSN3002) Sustainable Business Management (Major) (HRMT2001) Understanding the Business Environment (Major)

Contact Information

Admissions Officer Student Services (IBSUniversity)

Phone: +675 7028 8030