Semester 2, 2024: Uniting with Purpose at the S2 Dedication Service


About The Event

As Semester 2 of 2024 kicks off at IBSUniversity, our community is eagerly looking forward to a key event – the Pastoral Care Dedication Service on July 12th. This service, a vital part of our university’s spiritual and communal life, offers a moment for students and staff to unite to find purpose and a common goal together.

Event Goals and Impact

The goals of the event are clear: to build moral values through inspirational preaching in order mainatin a sense of community among attendees. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on moral principles and be inspired to make decisions rooted in faith and integrity.

The Essence of Dedication

The Pastoral Care Dedication Service is all about building a strong spiritual foundation within our university community.

It’s a moment to set our sights on personal growth, academic success, and the well-being of our community for the semester ahead.

This year’s theme, “Be different to make a difference,” highlights the importance of standing out and staying true to Christian values.

Event Details

Set for 10 AM, tomorrow, at the Dr. Jim McPHERSON Open Arena, the service will kick off with some great keynote speakers, including Pastor Simon Kuman from Wantok Radio Light and Bomana Prison.

He’ll be sharing his insights and words of encouragement. The program will also have uplifting music, inspiring speeches, and a special time for students to share their hopes and goals for the upcoming semester.

All are invited

As it is customary, students, staff, and faculty are invited to join this meaningful event. It’s a unique chance for our community to come together and set positive intentions for the future.  

More or less, it’s our way of honoring tradition.

Looking Ahead with Hope

As we prepare for the Pastoral Care Dedication Service, let’s be reminded of the strength found in unity and the joint commitment to our university’s values.

We encourage all students, staff, and faculty to attend and participate in this inspiring event. Together, we can make Semester 2 of 2024 a memorable learning period.


Dr. Jim McPHERSON Open Arena

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