Credit For Prior Learning


With Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), your previous study or work experience may make you eligible for credit towards your IBSU and SCU degree. It can reduce the number of units you need to study, allowing you to complete your course earlier and often more affordably.

Can I receive credit for my qualification or previous experience?

IBSU considers all university, TAFE and private tertiary education provider qualifications from Papua New Guinea, Australia and around the world for Credit for Prior Learning (CPL). IBSU also considers any other previous study, work experience and relevant life experience for CPL.

Please note that even if you are eligible for CPL, you still need to meet the course requirements for the course you're applying for.

How do I apply for credit for prior learning?

  1. Fill in the IBSU CPL form.

  2. Submit your CPL application form at the same time as your course application.

    Also provide: 

    • a certified copy of your academic transcript with a key to results 
    • details of course structure and credit point weightings from your previous institution’s handbook or website 
    • a unit outline/syllabus including assessment requirements, credit point weighting of units and details of textbooks/references 
    • for informal learning CPL, a written case that shows a high enough level of skill and knowledge for a 'Pass' grade in the relevant units of your course and/or continued involvement in the subject area.
  3. If you are offered admission into a course at IBSUniversity, your credit entitlement will be confirmed with your offer or as soon as possible after this time.

Contact Us if you require more information about how the credit for prior learning works and how you can apply.

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