Support Services

Support Services

At IBSU, you get support every step of the way. For job advice, our career service can help. For health or mental wellbeing services, healthcare professionals are on hand. From study advice services to community support, we take care of your needs so you can enjoy life at IBSUniversity.

Health, Safety and Security

In terms of health, the IBSUniversity Health Bay helps keep our students well so they can do well. The IBSUniversity Health Bay is a primary care facility where IBSUniversity students may receive evaluation and treatment for acute and chronic medical conditions as well as guidance on practices that promote good health and disease prevention. These high-quality and accessible health services are offered free of charge to help improve the well-being and productivity of our students.

Student Counseling Services

IBSUniversity offers a free and confidential counseling service to all current IBSUniversity students and staff. The Counseling services to students are provided by Counsellors in “The Centre for Counseling and Wellness”. It aims to help students build strengths, improve well-being and achieve academic success. It is a professional consultation provided by Counseling psychology experts. It provides a platform for exchanging opinions, identifying challenges faced by the students and resolving their difficulties in a professional setting.