About Us

About us


  • We are passionately committed to Educating and Training people by providing responsive and value driven programmes that  stimulate personal development, organizational growth and building our young nation.



  • To enrich lives through World Class Education, Training and Research.



About our Journey

The IBSUniversity is an innovative university located in Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea. It was established in 1st December 2016 with the ordinance of National Executive Council and gazette on 25th January 2017. It took 28 years of visionary driven commitment and hard work of Sir Mick Nades, the man behind with this noble contribution to the educational growth of Papua New Guineans.

IBS beginning can be traced back to 1989, conducting revision classes for the Professional Examinations of the CPA PNG (then PNGIA).  With the success of producing professional accountants, there was a demand to provide Certificate Courses for Grade 10/12 School Levers.  IBS developed and offered its Certificate in Accounting, based on the syllabus of Accounting Technicians of United Kingdom in 2002. Certificate in Computing course was introduced in 2003. These two courses evolved as the primary wheels of IBS then.

More and more school leavers joined IBS at Saraga Campus to follow the above courses. IBS became a Study Centre of UPNG in 1995, and commenced classes for Diploma in Commerce (now Diploma in Accounting) a two year programme till 2016.

IBS formed an educational collaboration agreement with Southern Cross University in 1999 and started their Bachelor Degree of Business and Information Technology Programmes. These programs are offered in Mt. Eriama Campus in Port Moresby and Irelya Campus in Enga.


IBSUniversity is focusing towards Students Centered Learning which attracts international reputation for its learning environments across a broad range of disciplines.


There is a remarkable welcome and trust from parents, guardians and sponsor to admit their wards in IBSUniversity with a specific intention to gain knowledge on par with global standards.  This is evident from the enrollments of 2017, which reveals that 355 students in IBSU Degree programs; 319 students in SCU licensed as well as degree programs in business; 95 in Information Technology in Port Moresby and 95 and 68 students respectively in Business and Information Technology respectively in Enga Province.


I am a Science Student. Can I Apply ?
We encourage all students regardless of their streams in High School to apply. As long as you meet our entry requirements and that you have decided on which course you would like to study.
How do i get more information on how to apply ?